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I'm loving all your stuff and that you use the jars to well for storage. Great creative space! Enjoy the party!

You have a ton of stuff! Hope you're bringing some of that to SB vendor night. tee-hee. :) love the room. hugs, Joanna

Fabulous space! I love seeing all your things here, there, and everywhere! And the apron is wonderful! (I love your profile picture - how sweet!) Thanks for sharing your space with us!

Oh my, I see things that I know (Thank You!!!) but in such vast quantities! I am dazzled!

This is just a wonderful very organized! I love things in bottles on shelves and I especially love all the pretty fibers dangling down from your fat books!!! I wanted to scroll the picture up and down and open the doors...heehee! I honestly tried (to scroll down!!!!) but it didn't work!!!

I love your apron, Michelle. Just L-O-V-E it. This is similar to what I was picturing for me (in my wildest dreams). Alas, I have not learned to sew...I hoped to do beginning sewing this summer but it wasn't in the cards. I have purchased a cute one (my first Anthropologie purchase!) but nowhere near as cute as this. You will look SO nice in, it is almost a dress! As usual, I love your look of color and detail.

Now, I am going to snoop around and see other people's craft rooms...I love this!!

I just go Blogging for Bliss and someday I, too, want to have a blog...after I learn to sew!!!

Hugs to you and humungo thanks for letting us into your space!!!

Hey Chickadee!
WOW is all I have to say! I love your space!
Big mermaid hugs


Hi Michelle!!!!
Wow you've got a terrific space and I love it! My gosh you have a HUGE collection of fat books! I'm so happy that one of my pages will be up there this year!
I'm going to have to go back and dig some more in your studio...I know I missed a lot. But one thing I didn't miss was those fabulous vintage tickets!!!! There's so much to point out...I just love it all. I would spend all of my time in there (if I could), they would have to pull me out with a crane I tell ya!
Your apron is fabulous and perfect for the Bella party!
Can't wait to see you in November girl...
I'm going dig again
If I'm not out in an hour
Would someone come check on me???
Maybe bring me some food and water????
Oh this is soooo much fun!

Man, have plenty for an online shop....why haven't you listed some of that booty on your Etsy shop??? I think you can share the wealth. Just teasing. It was great seeing your studio. :) Thanks.

LOVE your space....The shelves of organized goodies are BLISS!
Thanks for sharing!

Creations and Collections, hand-in-hand loveliness! Great Space and lovin the bottles and jars of goodies!

Hey Michelle!

Love it! You knew I would. :) I have a post up too.

This makes me just want to come play with you! When? lol


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