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Michelle, I am so, so ,sorry. I feel the pain with you, I just lost my Sister to cancer 4 weeks ago. The pain is truly unbearable, and I truly feel for you.

Michelle I am so sorry for your loss. I know how deep that pain can be. I lost my mom too, in 2011 and I still miss her every day. I wish peace for you. Please know you are not alone.

I'm so sorry. I lost my mom when I was 54... and the tenth anniversary of her death is next month! I can't believe it. I still miss her. It gets easier. She would want it to get easier... I used to dream of her so much, but one night not too long ago she said "I'm okay. You need to go on." And I haven't dreamed of her since then. Which is a release. I pray for peace for you.... seek that....

Sending you love Michelle - it is very hard for sure :(

love you girl ! and so glad to see you back. make sure you take care of yourself in the grief - that's most important so that you will continue to be healthy. loved hanging out with you - way too short - and want to sit in our pj's together again and talk and laugh and remember the good times with our mommas. sometimes I think just talking about the good times brings healing. Big hugs :)

Big hugs and love to you sweet Michelle! I am so sorry for your loss.

Michelle, i had no idea - and i so follow your every move, it seems, through instagram! I am so very sorry - both for not being aware & for your loss. I pray your fun & love-filled memories bring you peace.

O my. I cried through out this whole blogpost.
The love of a mother is like nothing else.
I think I would go crazy if I loose my mother right now.

Hope the grieving will stop and you will remember your mama in that special place, called your heart.

I am sending you all my love
and wish you well!

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