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I love your book, it's beautiful! I can identify with some of your words and feelings. I think of you often and remember how hard that season of life was, with my Mom terminally ill. I'm with ya sister.

My sketchbook is awful, I don't know if it was the deadline or what, but I was frozen. Oh well, I followed through, just not happy with the result.

Be kind and gentle with yourself, much more than you ever have.

Big Hugs,

I always look for new posts from you Michelle and was saddenned to hear about your mother. To see them decline is unbearably hard. Please know that many people are thinking of you and sending caring thoughts your way.

Dear Sheila...

Thank you, as always, for your sincere kindness. Im very sad to share that my mother passed away last Wednesday. Were grateful because she suffered so horribly but yet, the utter shock and smothering sadness is tough to bare.

Im sorry to hear you think your sketchbook is awful. I bet its not! I will be looking forward to seeing it!

Take care and wishing you a lovely week.


Oh and PS...I am getting laid off from my job (am I having a crummy year or what?!) so I may get to join you and Jan at one of your art journaling gatherings within a month or so!

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O, time for the black cloud over your house to move. Loss is hard enough, two losses is just too much. Yet you will arise again. It's hard to loose a parent. My dad passed away 12 years ago and this morning I took his shaving brush out of my little treasure box, and it still hurt. I hope that you might feel numb so you can take the pain in little bits at a time. Curl up in your nest, with a cup of hot milk and some comfy socks, and cry. Sending hugs to you.

Hi ShellShell. I have to admit that even though I have "Hold Dear" in my favorites, that I don't stop by here too often. I decided to today and I read your post of when our precious Momma was still here with us. It brought tears to my eyes. It has definitely been a hard past few months, to put it mildly. I love you so much, and the strength inside of you is such an admirable thing. I know we all have our moments where we let our emotions take over, and that is a good thing too. Momma was so proud of you, and of your talent, and the artist inside of you that you were sharing with the rest of the world. She lives on through us. The beauty you contribute to this world is part of the legacy that she leaves behind.

Love you, my seestorly seestor. ♥

Happened upon your blot by accident... don't know you but love your ideas and so sorry to hear about your mom. Lost my dad and just a few weeks ago my father in law to I feel your pain. Thoughts and prayers to you.

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