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So sorry to hear about your mothers sickness - I just canĀ“t imagine how hard a time this most be for you and your family - sending lots of prayers and thoughts your way.

Love you pages - they are beautiful

I love your work and check in periodically to see it. So very sorry to hear of your mom's illness and know how terribly difficult times like these are. Praying for comfort for her and you and your family. I do hope you are able to connect with your art at times for the healing and therapy that art brings us.

Michelle this is a BEAUUtiful post ...I love your journal and I am deply saddened by your news. We lost my father in law in 2008 from lung cancer as well. I enjoy reading your daily blessings everyday on facebook. you give me the strength to think about the positives when life tends to be so hard.
you are such a sweet soul
big hugs

Welcome back - however briefly you may be here. Sad news about your Mother - sending you lots of hugs. Enjoyed the glimpse of your very cool journal, and have also been enjoying your posts about the 3 good things each day. Thank you for that reminder! xo

I am so sorry about your mom. I will be praying for you and your family. I am one of your IG followers love your Cats btw. I hope you have a blessed week and that you will receive peace that only can come from above.

Sorry to hear about your Mom Michelle, ((hugs))

And great pages! I can always tell your work. Very cool.


Just read your blog and my heart feels for you and your Mother! I know what it feels like, so just be gentle with yourself and remember to "breath"! Sending you many hugs!
Cocoa from San Diego

I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom and can't imagine how devastating that is for your family. It's awesome that you're able to find gratitude each day when it would be so easy not to.

Michelle how devastating this is for you. I'm very sorry. Your pages are wonderfully beautiful! Now I have to find you on Facebook! Take care.

I am very sorry to hear about your mom, Michelle. She will be in my prayers as will you and your family.

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