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how fab are those!!!!

Really enjoying seeing your finished pages - how do you ink everything without mistakes?! Your lettering blows my mind!

I love these journals...I AM coming to HU...and I sooo Want a kit!! Please make one for me..I will buy it in a heartbeat!!!! Hugs

Hi Michelle‚ô•
I always love coming by here and looking at your art. Your journals are so amazing. I have enlarged, and read, and enjoyed beyond words. And not just on this post, but on all of them. Your beautiful soul shines through into all that you create!

Love, your little Sisitor.

I'm definitely interested! I would love to go, but I'm headed to a different art retreat that very weekend! I bought a "Cahier" from Rachel, and I love it! (Pink)! Have fun, maybe next semester! :)

Interested in Handmade U and want to go in the future, but also meant I'm "interested in the journal kits" you two put together for peeps that can't attend.

See ya soon,


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