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This is incredible, Michelle! Love it!

Oh my goodness this is amazingly beautiful! What an awesome gift!

Love that silk ribbon binding!

OH my gosh, Michelle! It is absolutely beautiful! She is going to cry! Just tellin' ya!


Oh, it's so beautiful. What a wonderful, personal gift!

Oh yeah, this book is fabulous! (sorry, just reading this post now, how did I miss it before?!) I'm sure your friend was thrilled to receive it. Love that the baby's name is Louella, my grandmother was named Laurella which was a combination of Laurene and Louella (two other relatives), if I remember correctly.

This is so unbelievably gorgeous, Michelle. I love how you bound the journal together with the beautiful silk ribbon. Such a sweet and personal gift.

ohhh..that was a perfect journal cause it's baby:)) love the shades of pink in it!

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