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Thanks for stopping by! I'm sorry you missed seeing the Sketckbooks. It really was fun, I could have stayed longer but my friends were all for moving on. I'm still not sure I want to participate but I did learn, almost anything goes, people took the books apart and put them back together in their own style. I grew up in Beaverton...back when it was a "little" town in the country! My parents had a dry cleaners on the corner where Broadway and Canyon Road come together at Cedar Hills Blvd. I've followed your blog for sometime so it is fun to know you live in Oregon.

Oh my goodness that is sooooo CUTE! What a great use for it!

Love! What a perfect washi box.

Now I so need one of these! Time to hit the thrift shops and see what I can find here in Toronto. I especially love that floral pattern, I'm sure we had wallpaper exactly like it in the family bathroom in the 70's!! Or was it drapes?

now that rocks...i luv that ur using it for ur tapes.... now maybe ill find one on the hunt

love that!! i love organized tapes even more !!

OH that is groovy!

Oh my gosh! I have a lunchbox (for lack of a better term) type box with that exact same pattern that I got at a thrift store year's ago. That pattern makes me so happy!

That is so sweet!! Love it!
I've been looking for something like that I can use for art journaling supplies…vintage child's suitcase? I'm on the lookout….

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