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Hi Michelle, I would love to be part of your swap if you still have room! I saw your article in Pages and loved it! It's fun checking out your blog to see what you're up to, you are one busy art lady! :)

Sheila Earhart
email: bnshe at q dot com

Thanks Michele for checking out my blog. I don't write that often, even though I intend to!!
Please come back again. I am in Utah right now, but will be home on the 7th of June.
I enjoy looking at your beautiful objects.

I love all of your artwork and have enjoyed the article in Cloth Paper Scissors that you did.
I would be honored if you choose me to take part of your journal page project.

Oh, that book is gorgeous and I am so sad that I didn't see the swap opp in time! Darn it! I can't wait to see what you all come up with, though!

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