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I would be very interested,I have never done one of these swaps before, so exciting.
Heidi: [email protected]

Love the Moulin Rouge book

hello sweet friend - if you do a swap - count me in ! love you and hope to see you soon.

That journal is amazing! Thanks for sharing all the pages with us Michelle.
I would love to participate in the journal swap. Sounds like fun!

What a great book! I would love to play along in the journal swap!

Michelle, I am so glad to see that you already have a journal ready for our trip to Paris next year! :) What size is this fantastically beautiful book??

I too would love to take part in a swap!

Good question, Cynthia!!! I forgot to include the size...the journal is approximately 6" x 6". And oooh-la-la this WOULD be perfect for our Paris trip!!! :-)

LOVE the Moulin Rouge journal - great job! I would love to be part of the next swap!

Such a beautiful journal, and such a sad memory of my pages with all that wonderful Frenchness brought back from my Paris flea market and souvenir hunting and lost somewhere between my East coast and your West coast. But such gratitude, Michelle, that you made me a journal anyway!!!

Michelle, Congratulations on being published. I've seen one the books you made for the Silver Bella swap and its breathtaking- just like this Moulin Rouge book.
If you do a swap, I'd love to be a part of it.

Congratulations on your Pages article! I had a couple of pages from previous round robins published in this issue, too. Exciting. I'd love to be a part of this swap.

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