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Can't wait to get my hands on your journal! So glad your a part of the RR! K

what a fun journal Michelle ! i love your theme too :) a girl after my own heart.

I am swooning over the paint by number painting! Where do you find the blank ones?

I love it Michelle! I would love to do something like this some day! Can't wait to see you in April.

i just found you through art journaling!
LOVE your work!!! your pages are INSPIRING.
+ your truth, is beautiful...
love your supersensitiveness + tenderness...ALL just right.

Oh my... such a beautiful journal. :]
The paint by numbers painting, what a wonderful idea.
Thank you for sharing.

Ohmygoodness. I'm so happy just looking at your journal! I love that that you created goody bags for each participant.
Hope all is well, Michelle!

Michelle, I adore this, the colors are amazing! I've been thinking about getting some copic markers, now I know I definitely need them.

I'm looking forward to getting your book to work on!

Great book. I just love all this "stuff."

SO BeauTeeFul!!!

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