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What a great article, Michelle! Congratulations!!! So happy for you!!! Keep it up!

congratulations my friend ! so well deserved. And you were in Eugene ? I would have loved to hug you for a minute ! It's been too long. Can we plan a time to get together ? I would love that. Big Hugs.

Hey Michelle, I live in Eugene too! Small fact the orchard you were in looks like one very near to a dear friend's house!
Congrats on being published, how much fun....I'll have to run out and buy that magazine right away...:).

Wow, how exciting congratulations! I usually buy the magazine but have not yet picked up a copy, but when I do I'm going straight to your article. Savor the moment.

Congratulations Michelle! I think we just got this issue in at Paper Tales. I will have to check it out!

Breathtakingly beautiful filbert orchard. I love Nutella! Congratulations on being published--so proud of you!

congrats on the publication! It's one of my favorite magazines!

Congrats on being published! Pretty thrilling, isn't it?
xo, Cheryl

AWE-SOME!!! Can't wait to pick up a copy! Congrats pretty lady! :)

Hey Michelle,
I read your article in Artful Journaling and it was terrific. Congratulations! I hope you have a wonderfully creative year ahead.

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