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What an awesome journal! I'm so jealous;D

so glad to see you are journal-obsessed! wonderful! have a great Thanksgiving Michelle...xo natalea

I LOVE it!!! What a beautifully inspiring journal!!!

I LOVE it Michelle! Where did you get that fun green and white striped tape? I've been feeling really motivated lately too. Not motivated enough to do the laundry and dishes...but motivated to do art. So that's a start!

Beautiful journal as always!!! I am inspired to get going after reading your post! My workspace is clean and I want to make a mess now. :)
Have you happened to see the free Weight Watcher's official app? I love it! I haven't been the greatest at tracking my food intake, but hearing that you joined makes me want to start again!
I'm inspired, inspired, inspired is what I'm sayin' here. :)

How very cool! Love your journal!! We were just in Port Townsend a week ago Saturday - after a family wedding in Port Angeles 11-11-11. Fast walk around the downtown, but it was so COLD we didn't last long. We want to return some day with bikes!

Reallyl cute journal, Michelle! Hey, if Journalfest would do all that for me, including Weight Watchers, I am going!

Hope you and your darling Glenn and Miranda are all fine. Jud starts a new treatment at Mayo tomorrow. After one nasty visit there, we fired our doctor. We start tomorrow with a newer, nicer one. ;-)


wonderful pages!
fat, juicy, tactile, great composition

fun indeed,

xox - eb.

Great post Michelle ~ I'm hoping some of that motivation catches up with me! I'm preparing, I think. Happy New Year!

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