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Oh, all the air mail stuff is delicious! I don't have a collection myself but I sure love yours! Congrats on getting your studio organized -- I know EXACTLY how great that feels!

I know you adore that r, w and b stuff. I will think of you if I see some and grab it up.

Michelle, that Miranda has all the right stuff. I loved hearing about her and what she was doing.What a treasure she is! And a beauty.

I saw that you were teaching at Rachel Velder's and thought it looked wonderful. I hate my printing...can never seem to get anything I like and this, i do not "art journal." I don't draw either but I am talented at cut and paste ;-) I wish I would find I way as I like to write. I am proud of all you are doing and wanted to come and experience your teaching. If I learned to print nicely, I may be at one of your workshops someday.

We are all in South Dakota for a family reunion. Fireworks are legal and driving me crazy!!!

Big hugs to the Gellers!

ummmmmmm Michelle.....I watch hoarders......ummmmmmmm we are HOARDERS! I keep trying to say because I organize.....I am not a hoarder.....but the more I watch the more I am convinced.....I have the bug!!!! Last night a girl had 60 toothbrushes and lots of toothpaste......I was convinced I was a should see my medicine closet. Can't wait for for September!!!

Omigosh, what a delicious collection you have!! I WOULD LOVE A SWAP LIKE THAT!!!!!
Just in case you don't know how excited I am by the thought here are some more exclamation points for you!!!!!!

... quick question... in your last picture you have a tin with assorted Dennison-like labels... would you mind sharing where you got those?!!



Yes! Loving your obsession!!!!

OMG I don't know how I missed seeing this! Love all of It!!

loving cool...-)

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