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What's the word that will suit my feelings exactly after reading your post?
Oh, I know...
You lucky lady, you. :)
You did not pay $5 for those Dennison labels!
*Walking away full of jealous emotions...* ;) I'm so happy for you!

SCORE!! Glad you had a fabulous day. Congrats on the "Prize Packet" that Glen won!

What a haul of great loot!!! So happy you found so many goodies!! :-)

oo - maybe next year we can go together ! i've wanted to go, but never have. and that Tacoma Public School report card ? that was my school district growing up ! SCORE ! if you sell them in Hold Dear, could i have first dibs ? love you sweetie - so glad you had a fun weekend.


wow ive never found dennison labels EVER while junking. i am sad to say i have none. i must get some soon they are swoon worthy

Oh my gosh....what an amazing haul! I'm with Victoria on this one. And I've never found Dennison labels either.

Oh my gosh. That is my kind of market, what a a haul!!! Love love love the old mail!

Wow...Wow...I would have given anything to have been there with you, but to win the Harry Potter tickets, also? PRICELESS! I had to take my daughter to the theater to pick up their tickets, yesterday for the premiere, tomorrow...I want those labels almost as much as I want reinforcements!

ps..the letters and the patterns are to die for but that accounting journal? Glen would not like to see all of us blogland girls together swooning over those items, lol.

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