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I hope to help you fill up that August journal with lots of pictures of us smiling! And those kids with the skateboarding lawn chairs.....TOO funny!!!
Btw, your blog is always a visual feast for my eyes!! Love you!

I can hardly wait for Handmade U! We are going to have the best time!

I would love love love to go to Handmade U! Since I can't, I'm looking forward to hearing about it! Those skateboarding chairs are hilarious! I love kids!

I am so excited!!!

I love your journals & I love you too. I am so excited to attend!

SO lovely! Ahhh! I can't wait!

Michelle, the ephemera swap was too much fun. I loved the tickets you included for each participant. It was fun adding the newly acquired ephemera to my collection!
...Your journals look so wonderful, and I wish I could join you in Omaha!

Those boys were not using lawn chairs! That is too funny!!

Hey there - I'm new to your blog but am loving your journals. I am absolutely obsessed with journaling too and so was happy to find you! Your enthusiasm is contagious - I live in Canada and we have very little (if no) art retreats close to home - I will however travel as a promise to myself for next year!!

OMG! What wonderful stuff!! Your journaling is awesome! I'm still trying to get at all my supplies with hope I can start journaling again. The last year has been so horrendous, I need to art again!

I love the journal kits you're putting together. Will you be making extra kits to sell in your shop?

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