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Hi Michelle! Welcome back to blog-land - life just gets in the way too often sometimes! That's good ya know :).

Good job, Michelle! When you post, you always do a good one!!! Your niece is beautiful and wow, what a dancer! She is on her way up. I do love Irish Dancing! Loved the pictures of beautiful Portland and the gardens and can't wait to see the swap books. We are doing ok. Jud is still feeling pretty good but is on his third type of chemo, searching for something that will help. We have a number four ready but hope this one will kick in. The good news is that he feels pretty good. He's tired and naps a lot in the afternoon but isn't in any pain or experiences any nausea right now. We are planning a couple of nice trips with the help of his doctors. He may even get chemo in Montreal! How is your lovely family? Is precious daughter still in California?
Big hugs,

Enjoyed this blog so much, as I always do. Beautiful dancer, scenery, and flowers!! ♥

That's the way to do it, I think! Fast blog post. Boom. Boom. Boom. Here it is. This is what's up, people.
:) Congratulations to your niece. I love her curly hair!
I LOVE the tiny book you made, Michelle. I was so happy to receive the happy, little bundle in the mail a few days ago. Talk about highlight of the week! ;D
Thank you so much for hosting, and if you ever want to swap tiny books in the future, sign me up now.
;) I hope you are having a delightful weekend!!!

WOW! Wonderful photos, Michelle, and your niece is just *gorgeous*!

Congratulations to your beautiful and talented niece! I'm into photos of flowers myself these days, and I'm struggling to manage three blogs. Seems like everything that might have gone on Snips and Snails has been sent to the other two new ventures. Clearly, I need to be more creative!


We really must be seesters, because I remember when my boys were 4 and Kendrick wanted to be Michael Flatley when he grew up. He would leap around the family room clicking his heels and beg us to move the tv up to the living room, because we had hard wood floors up there and he could hear his "taps" better! Those little books are adorable and I cannot bear to use any of the stuff I got from you...I could not replace it!

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