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thank you for sharing such a special day with us michelle - how interesting that your dad and glens mom had the exact same birthday ! much love to you today. (ps - be sure and let me know when you get my package !)

How wonderful! Gosh, I watched a show on PBS last night that was right up my alley: letters home from soldiers of every war, with footage from each of the modern ones. It was so heart-wrenching and really made me appreciate the sacrifices of our soldiers through the ages.

Thank you so much Michelle for sharing these beautiful pictures and heartfelt thoughts. A truly awesome loving observance of our Memorial Day! ♥

Thank you for visiting my blog, Michelle, so I could come here and find yours! Beautiful flag images, and other photos that really capture what this past holiday weekend means to you.

Absolutely gorgeous pictures, and loving, sweet thoughts of remembrance and thanks. Thank you for posting this Shellster! ♥

And they were born on the same day!!!!

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