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have fun my friend ! you'll have a blast for sure. and give miranda a big 'congrat's hug from me. so very proud of her too, even though she's your girlie :) love you.

That is wonderful news, Michelle. You deserve to be proud. I think living in an intentional community is a great thing to do. Enjoy your time with your soul mates. We are carrying on here. Jud is in chemo. Feeling good on his weeks off.

What a beeautiful post Michelle...I have tears in my eyes... to have bonded such a beautiful friendship with the girls....and the joy & love & proudness that you have for your daughter radiates through the computer...congrats Miranda & sending blessings on your new journey of life enJOY every step of it... Have a honey of a day ~ Marlene ;O) xox

Wonderful news about Miranda, Michelle. She is a lovely soul and I wish her well. Where in California will she be located? Maybe I'll get you to visit me in Humboldt County yet...

awww Michele so sorry that your little bird is flying the coop i know my Mom was so sad when I was going to move to Colorado. Where in California is Miranda moving?

I hope you enjoyed your trip, Michelle! There's nothing like getting together with kindred spirits.
Congratulations to Miranda. And! To you. I can imagine that her departure will be bittersweet for both of you! She will miss you tremendously, too.

Oh my, what a gift to have raised such a girl! I have four girls of my own, the oldest is 19, and I'm not looking forward to the tearful goodbye I know is on the brink. . . . My youngest is 11, so I have some time. . . .

Kudos on raising an awesome girl!

And I look forward to hearing about your upcoming trip to be with friends! How awesome!

Well done Mama. Such a harder thing than it initially sounds, to see our birdies fly off! A friend reminded me that is exactly what we raise them for. We can still cry a little I think:) Sending you peace and art time...........lots and lots of art time!

Oh yes, teary for sure, but what joyful, inspiring reasons. I have been lucky enough to meet 3 if not 4 of those smiling faces before and they all just lit up the room (that includes you, missus!) and what an amazing woman you have raised! She just might save the world!

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