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You've probably already heard/saw me say this on FB...but it was SO GREAT TO FINALLY get to meet you in person after all these blogging years!!:)

Wish we could have spent more time togetha!!!

You are so sweet and just like I thought you'd be!!!

Hopefully we'll get to be together at another event!!

BIG HUGS to you SEESTER Friend!!!


What a great post....I feel like I was almost there! It was soooo much fun to meet you! We have to connect again soon!! Oh....and I love that picture of you...

Hi michelle. I certainly enjoyed this post from your last adventure. This event looks a bit fancier than staying in funky Ft. Warden! Are you coming to Artfest? I signed up for Journalfest and looking forward to that.

Thank you for the exciting and amazing shared adventure from L.A. Now, tell me about all those blue labels!
Linda mondloch

Wow it looks like you had a fabulous trip!!! I can't wait to see you at Journalest and I will look you up when we had back to Portland in either May or June. Thanks for the shout out about Journalfest!!! Your a peach!

ohhhhhh michelle!!!
wow!!! i am so happy
that you had such a
great time - totally
looks like a paper
lover's dream! wish
california was
closer to home!

what a fun trip! so awesome that you got to go to french general! one of my favorite shops to see pictures of (& i will go there someday :) rock, you creative traveler, you!

ps i still have something for you...hmmm maybe i should just send it? but it seems silly since surely i will be in pdx sometime soon... well, at least i know it won't go bad, it's already pretty old :)

All in one weekend??? Wow! Sounds delicious and nutritious. ;) Really though, it does sound like a great getaway weekend.

What a fun recap!! It made me wish I was there again hanging with all you guys!! And no I didn't win the lottery :( lol

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