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i always love to see what you're up to :)

& i have something for you!
i got it at goodwill
& it just hopped in my cart
'take me to michelle' it said
(very bossy thing, but also quite cute)
& now it sits, in my garage,
with all of my artsy things
(so it's not lonely)
but i do wonder
'when will i see you again?'
hopefully sooner than coburg in september!
i may have to break down & go to the post office...

So yummy, Michelle. Love what you do.

i love your mini book idea with the envelope. so very creative as you are my friend ! hugs**

yippe I am in Rachels swap too, cant wait to get your card!

Lovely, simply lovely. Comfort and Joy indeed! Love the generosity label too! xo fran

How can you turn down a collaborative project? It's impossible, I think.
I love what you made! Have I mentioned that I like Dennison labels? ;)

Oh Michelle! I love your pages!!! How fun!

Can't wait to see you in March!

Wow! You've been a busy girl, making lots of cool stuff!

oh, wow, honey! this is the first i've seen of any of the pages done in my journal! soooo soooo sooooo beautiful!!! yea!! thank you so much for adding your talent to this little book that i will treasure forever! it means more than you know!! love and miss you so!


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