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Hope you got that massage today dear gal! Thanks again for your wonderfully amazing Silver Bella Souvenier book. It is a forever favorite:) You are a gracious hostess indeed! XO

I enjoyed meeting you in our Kaari Meng class! (And I envy your transition back into real life--I was hoping for the same, but I kind of got a "free fall," instead. Sigh.) And thanks for the bag of goodies!

Me, too, Michelle...feeling disorganized but also unwilling to completely unpack and get back to my non-Bella life! It was great to meet you and thank you again for your treats in our goodie bag! I'm following your blog now, and look forward to continuing to get to know you!

So good to see you again, my friend! I will anxiously await your store opening! Your was simply unreal! Great job!

Michelle, thanks so much for the fabulous swag pack you donated at Silver Bella - ADORE it! Even my 14 year old son thought it was really cool. By the way, that paper journal/book is completely to-die-for amazing!!!

Hi Michelle,
So funny, I was sitting here this morning thinking the same thing ... definitely a bit of a SB hangover! (but so worth it, right?!) I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful bag of goodies! Such a thoughtful and generous gift!
Coleen xx


i still can't believe sb is flew by!!this was an awesome year....and my souvenir journal is a TREASURE!!! i am in love with it!! Thank you again!!!


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