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OMG, Michelle. I am heading to your booth right away. I don't know where you find these things!

oh. my. gah. gah. i am drooling already. i am so excited to be with you my friend. yeah, eeeeekkkkkkkk.

Hate, hate, hate that I won't be there shopping your booth this year. I hope you have a wonderful time!

Oh My....I can see I'm already going to be in BIG trouble at $ilver Bella this

OMG such cool stuff! Wish I was gonna be there to shop!

Oh my goodness! I can remember bottles of milk with caps like those. And we skimmed cream off the top of the milk. That certainly makes me vintage, too, doesn't it?!! ♥ ♥ ♥

I will definately be by your table. I want some of those red Dennison labels!!!

Oh my Michelle! I wish I was going just to shop your table! What great stuff! everyone will be loving it...
Have a spectacular time my friend!
xo natalea

Can I preorder and pick it up on Vendor Nite? :) So many wonderful treasures! This will be my second year and last year I got so overwhelmed with the choices, that I think I froze and I still wonder what I missed!

Can't wait to shop with you.

wow. I wish I was going just so I could shop your booth!

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