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hey Michelle!!

I love that mag rack - that is SO what I need! I just can't keep myself from getting where women create, art journaling and artful blogging. They are stacked up everywhere.

Hope you are keeping well and staying cool.


I love the Polaroid Michelle (I so was tempted to put spaces between each letter of your name just now), but the black and whites just speak to me! I just picked up a bunch of old tin types today.


Wow what a find! I love it when we stumble upon something great like that! Cant wait to see what you journal on that polaroid!

Michelle, thanks for stopping by my blog and your comment on the Steampunk Charm Exchange. The chain tassels I got off of eBay ( which I blackened with Jax, and added Vintaj word charms and a small rhinestone link.

What a great collection of old photos you have...that Polaroid is great. Hope you have a fantastic week.

sounds like a great day... fundraisers & festivals. Lot it. :) love your photo collection. I'd have a hard time using those in my journaling. :)

hugs. joanna

I love your big pile of pictures and have to admit that I'm a bit jealous. But in a good way.

love that magazine rack...what a deal!

and that Polaroid is tres cool. coveting your big pile of pictures. they might be my new colllection!

so glad you, Glen and the girlie got out for a good time!

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