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AWESOME journal Michelle! have lots of fun and fill that pretty journal up!!! great purse too!
xoxoxo nat

Oh your journal is just fabulous!!!! LOVE it! I've been so out of touch lately with all my blogging friends. I hope you have a wonderful trip and visit with your family! That journal is perfect to record your memories! Safe travels! HUGS!

travel journal looks great. travel safe.
Love the new bag! I actually never name my bags! It is the only thing I don't name I think!

Love the the bag!! Have wonderful trip, and a fabulous visit with your family!! xoxo Nat

Beautiful journal pages to write on. have a nice vacation!

Oh Michelle. Your journal is just perfection! On your way home from CA would you take a detour through VA so I can hold your journal and flip the pages?
As for the bag, of course she must be Ruby!
Tracy :o)

Your journal is wonderful- I love it. The cover is so pretty and colorful. We were just in California and I purchased anew back too.... we girls are all alike :-}

oh Michelle! if you head this way, give me a jingle! i would love to see you!!! love the journal, you always put such a wonderful twist on things!

oh, wow! your journal is fabulous. will you make one for me?

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