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Aw, nice wrap-up of the past couple of weeks! I need to do something similar... Sorry your foot is still causing problems... that must be so frustrating!! Have a great weekend!!

Sounds like you have been keeping busy - in a good way! Love the pics of you, Hope and the girls. Hope said she had the most amazing time with you!


So good to see you all together again and yes, Miranda is model material.

Meep is look really good, too ;-)


there you are! Peep!
I cannot believe our trip has come and gone - so wonderful to have spent some quailty time with you!

So glad that you are blogging again! show us your art, girl!!

aw. Aren't girlfriends wonderful? You've been having a LOT of fun! No wonder you have had time (}}sniff{{) for is short.
Hug you,

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