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My garden is being swallowed by weeds! We took care of the back yard a month ago or so, but the front yard is gone! Missing! No idea where it is!! ;) Hoping to find it this weekend... By the way, love all your little flower glimpses & I understand your once-upon-a-time need to escape... for some reason I too don't feel the urge as much any more either - hence the lost front yard I bet!

OMG! those hens and chicks! I can't believe how awesome they grew! I love them!
and i love all those close up shots...very pretty!
xo nat

Those pink columbines are lovely - if they drop seed pods, will you have me some ? Our roses are peeking from their buds and for the first year, I'm expecting blooms from my peony. Isn't spring the best ? now if this northwest wind and rain would hold onto her hat so all the blooms don't fall over. . . love you girlie ! J.

oops - i meant 'save' me some :)

They are so pretty!!!

Beautiful! You've inspired me.
Have you ever separated your irises? Mine bloomed sparingly this year and I'm not sure if I should take action.

It looks like even neglected that garden is putting out some beautiful blooms. I kill everything I touch, so I am in awe!

Thanks so much for directing me to this post! Wow! Ginormous is the word for your collection. I just started my obsession with sea glass a year or two ago when I happened upon the loveliest blue sliver on a beach not far from where I live (on Lake Erie); I started hunting around blogland and found some beautiful bracelets and necklaces that people had made with beach glass. I have a smallish crystal bowl filled with my treasures and I just love to look at it.
Kelly, I absolutely cannot imagine anyone parting with beach treasures but, lucky for you that the gentleman does not share our obsession.

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