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Love love love your journal with all the photos and memories of you with your fabulous girlfriends!!!!

LOOOOOOOVE it! Oh I wish I was there and could page through it in person!
I am going to do a follow up post on my blog showing what you did - hope that is okay.
Missing people IS sad!

I am back to tell you again how much I love it. And I love that you started it WIHT ME while I was there - how cool is that?! I miss you!

love your journal, i love the creamy tones and then splashes of subtle color. Just beautiful!

Wow! This journal is incredible!! I love your artwork, and what a great memory of your fabulous weekend! I love making travel journals, I feel so much more connected to my trips when I look through them!

Soo glad to see some of your wonderful artwork again! And I second Hope, I wish I could page through it in person!

Your journal looks amazing. Now we all have to get together again just to show off our finished journals! Yours is so personal and wonderful.
Miss you!!!

That journal is absolutely awesome! Anyone who sees it can tell not only what an amazing time you all had, but how close and connected you are. Having friends who truly get you is such a blessing! Thanks for sharing.


Your journal is absolutely lovely. What a beautiful vessel for beautiful memories.

Thanks, MIchelle,
That is a wonderful journal...what a great gift! You did a super-duper job of making it your own. i see you friend, Jill, who is coming to SB with you. It will be fun to meet her!

That was so fun to look at every photo of your journal BIG so I could see all the fun details (I right clicked & opened the individual pics in a new tab :)) What a fun group of friends & terrific record of your visit together! How cool to work on it while the adventure is occurring too and finishing it up so soon... truly a treasure :)

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