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Sending prayers, hugs, and hopeful thoughts that he'll be home soon!

I will say a prayer for you. Christmas eve my cat went missing. When we couldn't find him by one in the morning I was bawling. I found him a few hours later. He was tree'd by a fox. I hope you find your sweet kitty.

Oh, sweetie...I'm so sorry to hear Atticus is missing. Sending prayers and a big ((HUG)) your way. Take care!

Hi my sweet friends...thank you so much for the prayers and love!!! Glen (my hero!!!) met a family who found him and thought he looked lost. They kept him indoors while they put an ad on Craigslist (we didn't think to check that!) and were going to put up "found" cat signs in the neighborhood. The irony is while Glen was out searching for Atti, I was home making "lost" cat signs. Oh I'm SOOOOO happy!!! Big hugs to you!!!

Glad that your kitty is home! What a great husband you have! Have a wonderful time at AF!

I am so happy he is home! He was just at some "spring is here!" party.
I've been there and cried my heart out!
Hug you!

I'm so glad that your cat is safe and now home with you. Have a wonderful time at ArtFest.

I'm so happy for you! I was going to tell you the story about my big guy Tummy that got out and was gone for 6 weeks! He came back safely to us and it was one of the best days of my life. Have a wonderful visit with Hope and Kari!

Well, being the emotional kind of person I am, my heart just plummeted then flew through the ceiling within about one minute. I am so VERY glad you had found Atticus.

I am so glad you, Kari and Hope have that special time planned. And Art Fest coming, too! I am headed out to Phoenix on Tuesday and will get to see Maija and Trish. I am really looking forward to some serious sunshine!

Big hugs of JOY! Atticus is home!!!


So happy you found him!!!!!!!

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