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That is brilliant! I'll bet you are wanting a collection of antique pick-up-stick cans now...haha! Mighty cool looking containers!

I go on Collection a Day and think of you all the time...and smile :-) Of course, I don't love me some little collections ;-)

That is so cool! Happy Weekend to you!!!

Wow, that's a fun video! Thanks for sharing - I love You Tube!

Delightful and fun to watch the preparation, but don't think I want to take a bite. Haha

that is phenomenal! so funny...

good use for many items in your collections

that was so cool- can't wait to show my daughter when she comes home from school!

Thank you, Sweetie, for stopping by our new blog! Now all I need is the Moo Cards and I am set to go!

that was so cool! thanks for showing! xox natalea

NEAT! Art supplies never made me so hungry before!


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