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Wow, so many cool pages & textures you've been working with! Very lovely!! Can't wait to see what you come up with to put on the pages (do they need anything more tho?!)

Oh I love your journal and your pages. I love all the shabby fabric bits and the stitchin' you did! Love the page with the birds and locks! I had signed up too, late, and finished my cover last week. Just haven't posted it yet. It was so much fun! Loved just letting it turn out however it turned out. I did a cover my daughter too. She picked out all the fabric and told me where to sew it since she doesn't sew yet. It turned out really cute and so looks like her. I started on pages, just need to get them finished up. I also loved the idea of using up "stuff"! Thanks for sharing yours!

OMG love it...just love it!


this is SO amazing!

Love your husband's comment ... too fun! As for the free-motion foot, it's supposed to spring up. The foot is designed to come down as the needle comes down, to hold that area taut as the needle enters. But then it springs up as the needle goes up so that you can move the fabric in any direction. HTH!

Oh, Michelle, this is BEAUTIFUL!! And soo you! I love it!

I sadly will not be going to ArtFest after all this year, if you have any friends who want to go, have them email me, I will sell my spot cheap! I can't afford it this year.

This looks great Michelle! I have seen posts about the class too and thinkin about doing it too. It looks like a lot of fun.

Hope things get better for you...


Oh Michelle, I don't even know what to say. Love the colors and textures.....LOVE everything about your journal!!

Michelle, OMG you did a beautiful job on this journal!!! I love it!! Just looking at your journal inspired me a lot. I love Mary Ann Moss her journals are amazing!

Michelle thank you so much for the sweet condolences that you left my way- truly they warmed my sad heart.

almost a year ago we went to artnest- so much fun, your journal is wonderful.

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