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Happy Spring! I think it's here this week :). I'm expecting my daffodils to pop real soon!! So how was the salmon? Feeling fine today? Hope so!

Flowers, Michelle! What is with the flowers? We have three feet of snow outside!!!!!!!

Well, at least the sun is shining!

I am interested how it went with the salmon, too.

Oh my, how lovely that you have some spring flowers blooming already. It's a few months until we'll see them peeking through here. I have spring fever BAD!
Thanks for the smile, sweetie:)

We must both be thinking the same things; I just posted this morning about how it had pushed me with paint colors, and I too included a photo of my sidekick while taking photos, our dog Scout! Great minds!

Beautiful awesome pictures. Thank you for sharing these.

So many beautiful photos. Makes me want spring to hurry up!

gorgeous photographs- love the pretty purple flowers- I have some of those in my garden, buried deep down below the three feet of snow we have! I'm just a wee bit envy :)

Hi Michelle!
Just popping in to say hello and look through your beautiful blog. Your Kitty is just precious.

How is the new "diet" going? I would love to go completely Vegetarian but still eat fish. I really think I'd be lost without it - even though I can get very clever in the kitchen with tofu and veggies and spices! I just enjoy fish too much.

Hope to see you soon!

Take care,

The grass start to grow, the birds are chirping and the flowers are blooming once again. Happy spring everyone!

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