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Love today's blog. Will be interested in what becomes of those coffee filters. I know you will think of something fascinating and useful.

Ooh, lucky you. Hope and I are in the same general zip code- we need to meet! I have been to Queen's Ink tho, and bought some of her stamp sets. Thought of you-Moo changed their packaging, did ya know? No more plastic boxes. They are paper-cardboard, but they do have cute little file dividers. I just got two new packs, so let me know if you want to swap cards.

oooh! so glad you liked what I sent!

We are so snowed in, the mail has not been coming, so hopefully once we thaw out a bit over here I will have a big stack of mail with your package in it waiting for me!!

I LOVE coffee filters!! (


You just blog when you can. I run through my list daily and I am so happy to see what you have blogged but I also know you work and have a husband and a lovely girlie and a life.
Hope was my partner for the matchbox exchange and, boy, what a dynamite matchbox and such cool inserts...tons of my initials in all sorts of fonts and papers...I was dazzled!
Love you, dear woman!

Oooh, paper filters are fun to drip watercolor paint (or food coloring, or colored ink, or...) on & then watch the colors disperse & mix! Not sure how archival they are, but they're sure fun to play with! P.S. wonderful stash of ephemera you received!!

Coffee filters -- I knew I'd seen something recently. (Also hello, came from Hope's blog...)

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