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Congratulations and love to Miranda. This is a great place. What fun! Happy times.

How fun to get your OWN place to do with what YOU want to! (with a little help from the fam of course!! :)) Congrats to Miranda! There are so many cool places in the big city with so much history. I loved my apt. on SE 18th & Washington many years ago... So many cool neighborhoods to discover!

What wonderful news, Michelle. That is really a huge step...I am so pleased for her...and for you and Glenn. She is a lovely young lady...I love her style of dress and love her glowing in the natural light. I hope that sometime we can meet her and wish that my daughter, Katie, could meet her, too. I think they have many similarities.

They so, finally, grow up...WHEW!!!!

I am so happy for Miranda, and so happy to have you to share it with her, and then in turn share it with us!! What an adorable place she has. I hope she's still there this summer so I can see it in person ☺

Awwwww - I just love it - especially the keyhole w/key picture, Now, that's my kind of ephemera! Perhaps some day, I will meet your girlie and you will meet mine. Michelle, I just returned from An Arful Journey in Los Gatos and I can't wait to share that experience with you. March and ArtFest are both just around the corner. I plan on making my plane reservations this week and then I'll happily share that info with you.


love your roses! and that place is so kitchy! love it! Perfect place for your girly!

Hope you'll come by my blog...I'm having a "Alice in Wonderland" charm swap! I think you'd have fun with it!

Ohh my goodness. They actually have to leave the nest? Who said that? I don't think I'll ever be ready for that. Our oldest is graduating this year. I'm not ready!!!

Congrats to Miranda on her own place.

Fred Meyers... haven't heard that name in a while. That was my favorite store when I lived in Alaksa... a long, long time ago. It had everything!

Congrats to your daughter! I can't believe you have a daughter old enough to be on her very own. :)

hugs, Joanna

Yopur little girl is all grown up!!

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