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Love your pics Michelle. Hope your evening was as lovely and comfy-cozy as it sounds.

oooh! Peep!
Interested in doing a trade? Old papers for some labels? I would just swoooooon for some of those starburst ones!


love these Yummie papers and labels you lucky lady!

I love that you know what you love, Michelle. I grew up by an educational supply store and used to go down there all the time. I sure wish I had picked up some of the Dennison labels for you. They had the ones you have!!! I remember!!!

The MOP things I sent are cuff-links from the turn of the century. I found that at a rummage sale. Got to talking to the people and found they were worn by Jud's jerkiest teacher in med school! He was so mean and arrogant that two med students wrote novels about him, disguising his name (strange!). I also got his childhood set of Childcraft Books.I did some hexes to get rid of the bad juju...haha!

Hope you kick that cold all the way out into the Pacific! Stay strong---you will win!! (sweet peek at your fun goodies - I too have a thing for labels - found some at a sale with boxes that look like mini books too! Aren't they the best?)

hey Geller,

how are you doing? I sat in my jammies the other morning... drinking hot tea & stitching. The house was quiet, everyone off doing their thang. Loved it!! Wish I could do that more often. :) Take care!
hugs, Joanna

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