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Your pages are gorgeous, and date nights keep us in love!

You cannot rush art. If you rush it the art will no longer be a master piece. So be patient don’t be desperate.

I love your pages, it’s beautiful. It’s elegant very creative.

I can't wait to see your swap book all put together. It already looks gorgeous. All that lovely texture.

Oh so good to see you, Michelle. And funny and handsome Glen! I feel blessed. Your pages are so yummy. I have been thinking of you, as I am buying a sewing machine "dedicated to paper and crafts." Katie and I had bought one together when she was in high school and then she bought out "my share" from me to take it to college. She doesn't want me to ruin it. Someday, I want to do beautiful fat books like you!

Hugs to you!

Cool glimpses into your arty life! OMSI would be a great date adventure, I'll have to make a mental note...

Hey sweets,

gorgeous pictures!!!
your pages are looking fabulous!!
I hope you come to Kims July event.
it's going to rock!
hope to see you soon

I read on facebook that you have a stress fracture. :-(
Been there, done that! Mind your doctor and do as he says and hopefully it will heal soon. This is one of the things that happens to us over-achievers.
Healing hugs to you, Cheryl

Hey Seester! Happy New Year and thanks for the creative boost! Hugs, G

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