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I can't wait to see your "Remains of the Day" book! I know it will be over-the-top fabulous! I am going to sign up for this sometime this year, but not for a few months.

My studio needs some serious organizing, too!

Happy New Year!

Your plan sounds wonderful. Simplifying and slowing down are good things. I'm in a similar place. I'm more carefully considering where I spend my time and money. It seems like such a relief.

Like you my friend, I have to slow down on the art retreats. It got exhausting, and I'm still catching up and finishing projects from 2008!! I am loving Mary Ann's class- I hope you have as much fun as I've been having!

Then I bet you understand why I haven't gotten the little gift I brought to Silver Bella for you! It is now on my chair in a box to mail but that's where it has been for a week! I am trying to stay hope and "shop my own home" for awhile but it is hard.

I AM planning on buying an inexpensive sewing machine so I can sew on paper. That will be my extravagance!

Hey, Michelle, now I think I know you will understand why the little Silver Bella gift I got for you hasn't reached you yet! It is now on a chair in a box to mail where it has been for two weeks.

My bead room and the "craft room" in the basement are total chaos and we are gradually organizing again.

I am planning on buying an inexpensive sewing machine so I can sew on paper. That will be my extravagence!

I need to join you on the slow down a bit and get organized and create more train!! I still have not totally unpacked from Silver Bella either. I will probably not be going to anything soon, as my daughter will be graduating high school in May. That will keep me busy enough. Good luck with your organizing and with the daily dishes. I struggle with that one as well. Love the snow pics, especially that first tree!

Hi there! Nice blog I like the posted images so cool I mean literally cool!

Gorgeous! So this what winter looks like? I love it.

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