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Happy New Year to you and your family Michelle!

Organizing is an ongoing goal of mine every year. Maybe I'll follow along with you and this will be the year to complete it all!

Happy New Year. Your eve sounded fabulous. Can't go wrong with the Beatles.

Happy New Year Michelle! We too had a great night out with friends, rather than our cozy, curl-up, New Year tradition - great fun and looking forward to a terrific 2010 too!

To see this card featured on Hold Dear is so much more special than just seeing it tucked away in Daddy's old Tobacco box, which I think I also gave to you! I'm sure Miranda will also treasure it when you hand it down.

Happy New Year to you Michelle!!!

Hi Michelle,
Sounds like you and Glen had a wonderful New Years Eve. I love the postcard of your grandmothers. My Aunt says she has some that my grandpa sent my grandma. I'd love to get my hands on those.
Happy new year to you!

Haha! We are all organizationally challenged around here! Seriously!

I think that postcard should be put to use every year...such a precious those two little birds cuddling together and that's me just barely poking my head out the door in this brutal Minnesota winter. Really, I love that your sister gave it to special...and, indeedy...I would buy it!

Hope you are warm and cozy in Oregon!


I was just dropping by, nice post card no doubt you used it every New Year because it’s beautiful.

I wish you all a blessed and prosperous year!

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