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I love this and wish I had more time so I could participate in this swap, but right now I'm trying to figure out conversions to tiff files for a deadline Feb 1st for the studios magazine I hope I get it right.

Michelle!! I love this little book. FAB-U-LOUS!!!!!

That is a terrific little it. I saw Julie's post and thought that was such a clever idea. You, again, have put your own "Michelle" touch to it.

Just mailed your Silver Bella treat. Some may need explaining but I will wait until you get it!

You and the girlie have lots of girlie fun while Glen is gone....what an opportunity!!!

Hugs to you. Sweetie.

oh i can't even wait to see it michelle! your book is gorgeous. wish we were going to happy hula for lunch today.... julie

So fun- I wish I had participated but I over thought it and now it's closed- darn the luck!

you have a wonderful site!

I went on a mad search looking for your tiny book post. Oh, I'm so nutty sometimes. :) I finally found it, and I've linked to it, your shop, your blog, Dennison labels in your shop, etc. etc. etc. on my blog today. ;D
Take a peek when you have a minute. xo, Jessica

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