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Those are SOOOOOO CUTE! RV is Jud's very favorite! I wonder if it is yours, too, Michelle, because I think you had one at the cupcake store we visited with you.

So nice to have a fun tradition and be able to have friends gifted, parties taken care of, one for you, one for Glen, another for you, some for your beautiful daughter....


Perfection! My sweet man is making me red velvet cupcakes right this very moment. It made reading this post easier to take. Happy day to you!

WoW...amazing cookies and Becky looks beautiful too.

Pretty pretty... yummy yummy! Happy holidays Michelle! See you next year.

Those look wonderful! It's so nice that you can get together with neighbors and bake. I finished my wrapping tonight, but have yet to bake a cookie. Tomorrow is the grocery store. I am buying ingredients for cookies and hold out great faith that I'll get to them!

Merry, merry!


Oh yum! I love red velvet cupcakes. They look so delicious.

Merry Christmas Michelle!


Red Velvet cupcakes are my absolute favorite!! Merry Christmas, Sweet Michelle.

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