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Oh they are so beautiful! I have a hard time using some of my stuff too. I'm also trying to get over that. I always think that if I have more then it will be easier to use it!

Michelle, thank you so much for your sweet comment on my journal post. I think you are amazingly talented and your encouragement means the world to me!

Oh Michelle, your two turtle doves ornaments are truly amazing. I am in awe of your talent my friend.

eeekkk these are darling.
you always make the cutest things!!!
have a great week

Those are DARLING, Michelle! xo

Love these ornaments...I keep looking at all the details!

Those are truly wonderful! I love the combination of materials...and the gold turtle doves are also really cool! I cannot wait to see all twelve!

Michelle! How funny; I was reading your spoiler alert and thought "I'm not in this swap, but Lori Guerin sounds familiar". Then I see the 2 turtle doves and think; DUH-Yes I am!! OMG they are marvelous! How generous of you to use your treasures to make them too! I shall cherish mine always! Thanks also for the sweet congrats! Love you doll!


You are just adorable.
Looky, looky at all the "purties!"
Hugs, Cheryl in IN

Michelle! Those Orni's are really fabulous! xoxo

Oooooh! soo pretty! You make the best tnings!!

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