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Looks yummy! I can almost smell it all the way down here in So Cal! I will definitely have to try this recipe, Michelle. Happy Holiday!

oh yummy! Thanks for sharing this delish looking recipe! big hugs


That looks really good! How am I supposed to drop 10 lbs with all these good recipes begging to be made?

OMG!!!! this looks so amazing.
i love bread pudding. my fav.
thanks for sharing doll,
have fun hopping around in cookieland.

That looks so good - we love bread pudding here and pumpkin!

Your table looks great and don't you love Tofurky - I try to get that each year and it does taste so good.

Also like how you posted the cooking photos.

PUMPKIN...Yum!! Those look incredible! Thanks for sharing! :)mendy

This looks great! Loving this cookie exchange!

Wow, I just love these photos, Shell! You are SO (younger, prettier, more talented) Martha Stewart!

Sure looks tasty, Michelle. I do love bread pudding and the older I get, the more I like pumpkin. I may have to give it a try!


this sounds yummy!!! i'll have to give it a try!!! i just recently discovered a bread pudding that uses cake donuts instead of bread and has a rum sauce...also yummy!!!

happy baking!!!

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