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You have an equally adorable husband! We are both pretty lucky, aren't we? Portland has been a treat but that will remain the biggest treat of all. Thanks so much for such a fun time. I rarely "drag Jud along" to such things but I knew he would really like both you and Glen...and, of course, I was right.

Collage is one of the most fun stores I have EVER encountered and the dinner was incredible...salmon hash with poached eggs. Just delish! And a kind waitress who brought us free pastries.

Altogether a wonderful night with my new "real life" friend. Thanks, Michelle. You two are so much fun! You must come and see us in St. Paul!

How was portland?

I'm a valley ridge lover and just found you over at paper bird {lorraine}
and now and loving your blog....

can you tell me the music that is playing here ?
I love that, too :)


So lovely to meet you as well. I will look forward to your next trip to Collage!


Can't wait to see what you made in Deryn's class!!!

It's Suki!

Hi from me, too, Suki. It was so nice to meet you and I LOVED the store!

That third girlie has a very cheesey smile!

I just love adventures! I have to confess I have a weird thing about red velvet cake, it just seems like the wrong colour for cake, it kinda creeps me out (I have pushed through the weirdness barrier a couple of times and it does taste good!)

Michelle you have way too much fun! Can't wait to see what you make in Deryn's class- took a look at her blog and loved her stuff.
Thanks for the nice comments about my music- I have to confess- I find all my great music on other blogs- such great music out there.

Michelle, it was wonderful having you in class and seeing you again! The pieces you made are lovely. I hope you will post them!

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