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I hate it when life gets so busy but look at what you have been crafting- so pretty!

Beautiful jewelry, I love the lace! Have a nice break and I'll see you at Silver Bella!

so cool! have a good break! i will miss you but i'm so excited to see how everything goes & i do get to see you in about a week :) hooray!

gorgeous!! I hope you have a fabulous Halloween!! Huge hugs!! Britt :-)

This looks like a lot of fun. Love the necklace.

Soooo, I really enjoy visiting your blog especially for the creative stuff you involve yourself in. I love how it comfortably intersects with your life. I am endeavoring to weave the two together for myself (the wife/mom/sister parts of my life with the creative individual inside). It is indeed stuff to "Hold Dear." Thank you for sharing your heart.

Your jewelry is fantastic! I love it.

Have a happy break and a great time at Silver Bella!

Are you home yet ? Where's the pictures . . . the stories . . . the lovelies . . oh yeah - you probobly have to spend time with Glen first. Tee Hee. I can't wait to hear all about Silver Bella (and crossing my fingers that it's in my future :) love you ! jill

Good for you (and your soul)! Everything looks beautiful and sounds wonderful!


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