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That is some fabulous jewelry, M! Such gorgeousity :)

I can relate to your blogging sabbatical. Hope you get everything done that wants doing

Love You!

Oh my you are a busy girl! I hope you get a lot done on your break! Love the tassle necklace!


Michelle, Those are just wonderful! I am just amazed at your many talents.

Both of them are just gorgeous! I bought Deryn's wrapped bead tutorial on Etsy, but haven't tried to do it yet! I'll miss you from blogland, but will see you in a couple of weeks!!

We will miss you while you're gone !
But I'm so glad I get to see you the week before at Amy's house.
So very excited for you and Silver Bella.
Bring back lot's of glitter-y ideas to share !
And when you get back, you have to promise the tutorials from last month - I'm dying to put my little book together. Better yet - I should come up there and get a one-on-one tutorial !
love you girl

The tassel-y necklace is STUPENDOUS! All the details, just gorgeous!

Take a break, Michelle! Your plate is WAY FULL!!!

See you at Silver Bella!

Michelle, are you still going to school, too? I was just in Portland! Blogging sabatical? :-(
hugs from Cheryl in IN

P.S. Your jewelry is beautiful! I've tried to make jewelry, but it is just too hard on these wittle hands of mine. xo, cheryl

Sweet girl. Thank you!

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