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As usual, your swaps are awesome!

MMMM...I love both, Michelle. That first one is just a beauty and I so love all the texture on the second one.

See you soon! Am needing to get busy on my own swaps!!!


Well, good luck and I hope you will enjoy that hang out. Have a safe trip and God bless always.

Hey sweets, I just popped over to Karen Duncan's post her partner is giving away an awesome collage piece. It was so GOOOOD to see you My mind was a tad flaky it can only hold so much info and was in workshop mode . But I had a blast the group was sooo good and created amazing stuff!!! I can hardy wait to redo mine or do another one with more bling!! hugs Julie

Good luck for your adventures. Have a safe trip always and God bless!!!

Wow!!! Enjoy the hangout!!! God bless!!!

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