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Michelle, It sounds like you did a great job and had fun to boot. :) Did you find anything for your vendor table?? I love hearing about what everyone else is selling. Have fun in California!! Can't wait to see what you make.

What a great weekend!!! Isn't teaching the best?! I used to teach a lot and haven't taught in several years and I DO miss it. You described it perfectly! It does feed the soul and you get so much in return from your students. I used to love seeing a smile on their face when they finished the class and they wanted to do more! Gosh I really should think about teaching again. Anyway so glad your first teaching experience was a great one!!! Have fun in CA...wish I could come! HUGS!

hi michelle! what fun we had! you are awesome & you did so great teaching! i see your future & it includes many more classes with you at the helm...many more :) i'm so glad you got to go coburg,'s a kick isn't it? so fun :) love to you up I-5...

ps those girlies names are amy & sandy :)

Thanks for the update! So wish I could have been at your class... but the Mad Hatter's wedding was something I just couldn't miss (my brother would not have understood...!) Oh those cowboy boots at Coberg are too much! Eliza scored a pair of Tony Lama boots that fit her at an estate sale this summer---just $5 if I remember correctly!! Yay Coberg! Have a great week!

OOOOOOhhhhh, Michelle, I wish I were the incredible Cheryl that you were staying with.
The duggles drug me to a rummage this summer...she had LEATHER boots priced at fifty cents a pair! I said "I'll take these...these and these. Black cowgirl boots that look like they've never been worn...suade (how do you spell that?) with FRINGE on the side (I've already worn those to a concert!) and soft doeskin booties that will be so cozy with slacks this winter. aaahhhh!
Cheryl in IN

It was so wonderful to meet you Michelle! I'll be checking in often for updates on my little mini!! I'm SO inspired by our project. So many wonderful applications, and it really stretched me! Thank you!!

Oh Michelle, HOW FUN!!! So glad it went well.

Michelle, you are such a warm and fun and wonderful teacher- it was just like hanging out with an old friend who was sharing something they are passionate about! I am so glad that I have had a chance to meet you, create with you, and hope to hang out with you more in the future. Thanks for the inspiration and all the fun ephemera- can't wait to work more on my book. And next year I might just have to follow the path that you and Jill took in Coburg!

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