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Oh what fun you are going to have! You have a beautiful book project---wish I could be there, but my little brother decided to get married tomorrow, so s'pose I ought to be there instead. Have a great time in Coberg---we went several years ago, amazing how huge that tiny town looks with so many antique booths filling it up!

I'll be there!! I'm so stinkin' excited and nervous to meet all of you creative ladies! I was just hopping around some blogs and landed here and got a SNEAK PEEK! I'm so lucky! I'm sleeping over on Friday night, so I'll be in the evening class, too! Can't wait to meet you Michelle!

I'll be there too! I've never been to a Come Plan Eugene and am very excited. It will be long three hour drive to get there and meet everyone and make this fabulous journal. My husband compared me to a kid at Christmas :-) I will also be staying over to go to Coburg bright and early Sunday morning. I can hardly wait!

That is sooo cute and clever, Michelle. I love the color combination, too. You have so many fun things out there.

I need to let you know exactly when we come and where we stay! Jud is golfing with his buddies all weekend so I won't bother him now. Donna is coming to visit next week and make advent match!

Have fun, sweetie!! Can't wait to hear all about it. It looks like a fabulously fun class. Wish I lived closer. Take lots of pics:)

Just passing through my favorites and thinking of you...I know it is going well and that your students will love you and your project...

I love your book- it's wonderful. Have fun at Coberg- I went there several years ago and bought one of my most favorite antiques there. It's a great antique show.

What Fun it would be to take a class taught by fabulous you! Everything you do is so originally......YOU

hey Michelle. How did you class go? The journal is great! I love it. :) hugs, Joanna

OK, m'dear. DISH!
Checking in to see if you're gonna post you weekend adventure for those of us who didn't make it this time. It's always exciting to hear of creative outings in the Pacific Northwest. Keep us updated on future classes, please.


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