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Looks magical!

I would have bought the necklace too- very pretty!

Bummer that you caught a cold. I hope it is gone now. It was wonderful to meet you and to be table mates :-) Hope you are able to come down to Kim's next event in July.

Take Care,

Hi Michelle,

I keep getting my reply letter back. We are at the Portland Marriot Downtown Waterfront. Number is 503-226-7600, under Judson Reaney.

Hope this gets to you. I will try again tomorrow.

Big hugs!!!

We had such a great time!

Miss u already!
Sandy xox

I looks wonderful!

Ha, I am laughing at my typo, I looks wonderful??? Not quite, I just woke up, have some ratty bed head and am wearing sweats. IT looks wonderful, Kim's gatherings always look AMAZING!!

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