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Well, all righty-rooo! I'm so glad you had a good trip and it's great to have you back! Looking forward to many shots of your trip!


oooh! Love the journal. Cannot wait to see you! Peep!

Not the sneak peek, Seester!?
I HATE the tease sneak peek! Show us the WHole enchilada, lol!

Gorgeous journal, Michelle! I would love to come to Eugene, but too much stuff happening in September this year!

Congratulations! I most dearly wish I could come.

Sounds like fun! I love your journal.

It was so nice seeing you and spending the weekend at the same table in OC. I can't wait to see your finished book.


Love the journal, especially the flower trims- did you make that crocheted flower and the flower with the printed paper petals in the center?

I can't wait to work on your journal at Come Play next weekend and just be inspired by all the creativity... and this time I won't be leaving for a date :)

Wow these are looking so good, nice to see all this...

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