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Oh, I was hoping you would post tonight...hip hip hooray...hip hip hooray...ariba riba...Olay!!!

You are having way way too much fun (and I really am very happy for you!!!) I adore Angus...he has the silliest of ears. I think there is rabbit in his lineage!

And tomorrow a Flea Market!!! Too too fun!!!

I hit two good old South Dakota rummage sales and got five beautiful hankies for my friend, Donna, two primers with truly adorable illustrations and three pair of earring to rip up and re-use. All of this for five dollars. I LOVE South Dakota!!!!

You must have tasty ankles, Michelle!!! Sophie likes to give our feet a furtive lick as we walk by. It has become known as, "drive-by licking!"

Missing my puppies and my girl. Will be back in Minnesota on Sunday.

Hugs to you, dear!


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